Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, it has been a long journey back to New Hampshire and not much time for creating, but times they are a changing. Bill and I moved from a temporary North Andover, MA loft apartment to renting a "homestead" in Kingston, NH. The packing and unpacking has come to end for at least a year, and with any luck, we will stay longer.

As I nest and settle our home, I have been exploring the yard and wooded area behind the house next to the pond, and lo and behold I spot a fabulous house warming present, ROOTS! I guess I have one to three more pieces in me to complete the "Homeward Migration" series I started almost a year ago, as the root was split over time into three pieces. I will let them dry out in the barn and bring them up to the studio soon. Not sure what lies ahead with them but it will be fun to see.

More to come...



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